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Arthritis causes a reduction in cartilage (which increased the friction) between the joints. When cartilage becomes damaged or worn down, the affected joint usually becomes inflamed and restricts motion, causing pain. Osteoarthritis gradually develops as we age, whereas Rheumatoid Arthritis often has system-wide symptoms and a genetic relationship.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Chronic progressive disease that commonly affects the extremities by causing severe pain, swelling, and noticeable changes in the skin. The cause of CRPS is unknown, but is thought to be a result from damage to the nervous or circulatory system. Blood flow and sensation are no longer properly regulated and may cause various problems in the muscles, bones, nerves, and skin.

Plantar Fasciitis

Pain in the bottom of the foot caused by inflammation of nearby tissue. Overuse of the muscles, sudden weight gain, & stress on the foot arch may result in inflammation. Symptoms are characterized by pain in the heel (dull or sharp) as well as burning or aching in the foot arch.

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