Medication Management Tulsa, OK

Why Do I Need Medication Management?

The medication management at Memorial Pain Clinic has several end goals, including:

The Right Medications: Your doctor’s goal is to find a treatment that restores your quality of life, allowing you to live freely from the bonds of pain and discomfort. To that end, your doctor monitors your medication to make sure it’s doing its job correctly. This may require some trial and error before you settle on the right medication, but your doctor gauges your results with you every step of the way.

The Wrong Medications: One of the more important jobs in medication management is to quickly get you off medications that are either not working or interfering with other medications you may be taking. Your doctor accomplishes this through vigilant monitoring and testing.

The Right Dosing: Often, when it comes to pain, finding the right dosage is tricky. Your doctor works with you throughout, making any necessary tweaks in your dosages along the way.

What are the Potential Problems with Medications?

When you have a medical expert overseeing your medications, you can avoid the potential implications of taking the wrong medicine, or too much of any one medication. Your doctor helps you avoid any contraindications, as well as addiction issues, by monitoring all of your medicine, ensuring you get only what’s necessary and that each medication works with the others to provide you relief.

What About Medications from Other Doctors?

When doctors work in a vacuum, they may be prescribing medications that work to resolve an issue in their area of expertise, but they may not understand that the medication could interfere with another prescription from another doctor.

When medications interfere with one another, they can cancel each other out or, worse, create an easily avoided health risk.

The goal of medication management is to provide oversight that takes in the whole picture. If you’re on medications for other conditions — for example, a blood thinner for circulatory issues — your doctor at Memorial Pain Clinic makes sure that all your medications work together toward your good health.

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How Can You Learn More?

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